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Dive into a holistic training experience of the highest caliber, tailored just for you. With our elite training, we promote not only your physical fitness but also your mental well-being.
Our Workouts
Crafted for Excellence: Our workouts are meticulously designed to challenge, inspire, and elevate your physical and mental prowess, pushing boundaries every step of the way.
A certified coach guides you through tailored heart rate zones, encouraging you to intensify or recover, aiming to boost metabolism and burn calories with fun and music. Participants progress at their own pace, suitable for their fitness level, with daily varied weight and floor exercises, and personalized modifications if needed.
This pilates-yoga-ballet workout uses small, powerful movements for body sculpting and strengthening. It includes lunges, pulses, and core exercises with body weight and minor equipment, targeting deep tissues and improving posture. No dance background needed.
Power Yoga
Power yoga, a dynamic Vinyasa practice rooted in Ashtanga, is a vigorous, fast-moving exercise that syncs breath with rapid posture transitions, offering extensive mental and physical benefits supported by science.
Personal Training
Many aim for a toned, fit body, with women wanting firmer figures and men desiring muscular definition. A personal trainer helps you achieve this with customized, level-appropriate exercises and ensures proper form.
Every workout is a step on your fitness journey, and what better way to complement this experience than with a shake mixed especially for you? Here, each shake becomes a unique symphony of nutrients, replenishing your body with exactly what it needs post-workout. It's not just about muscle recovery and refueling energy – it's about perfecting the training experience.
OUr Coaches
Expertise meets passion: Meet our team of professional trainers who, with personalized guidance, deep knowledge, and a dose of motivation, bring your fitness goals to life.
Raman, founder of THE LAB, a triathlete and lululemon ambassador, has coached prominent athletes and models for 20 years. A former pro basketball player in Austria and army veteran, he studied sports science at the University of Vienna. His sessions cater to all levels.
Mother of two, Nilou found her sports passion in her thirties. Now, she offers intense workouts with boundless energy, emphasizing balance. Her mantra: "Inhale confidence, exhale doubt."
Her athletic career began in her teens with a focus on athletics and tennis, leading to competitive success. Now, as a spinning and HIIT coach, she uses her sports insight to drive clients to surpass their goals. Her competitive spirit remains fierce, with a particular zeal for Hyrox, and she continues to foster excellence and teamwork in her coaching.
Meet Tina, a certified Barre instructor whose passion for ballet, dance, and movement led her to the world of Barre workouts. In her classes, Tina blends Pilates and dance techniques with fundamental ballet elements to help sculpt bodies into lean, strong physiques. The transformative effects of Barre workouts are truly astounding. Tina takes great joy in witnessing her clients tone their bodies, enhance their flexibility, and achieve their goals, ultimately enabling them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.
Masha is a certified Barre instructor focused on core strength and flexibility. She's devoted to helping others realize their physical potential. For her, Barre represents more than just a workout; it's a journey to inner strength.
Raised in a sports-oriented family, he has experienced a variety of sports, including swimming, football, martial arts, and racket sports. He has a passion for running and fitness, having completed his first marathon at 18 and with over 10 years in weight training. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, he has shared his enthusiasm for sports and fitness with numerous clients.
Vanessa embarked on strength training a decade ago, appreciating her body's transformation. Now, she imparts HIIT classes, celebrating the joy of movement and pushing others beyond their limits.
From Australia, she's a former professional ballet dancer with 12 years of experience in Australia and Germany. Recently turned fitness instructor and personal trainer, she's focused on delivering fun, effective workouts that enhance strength and flexibility.
Kira, passionate about sports and health, moved to NRW three years ago for medical studies. Now a trainer in Düsseldorf, she teaches Ride, Yoga, HIIT, and personal training. She motivates others to push beyond their limits and embrace challenges, living by her motto: Step out of your comfort zone and live your dream life.
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